SFR041 - Steadfast Records

Various Artists

Steadfast Records Label Sampler 01

April 12, 2022

An 18 track collection highlighting the first 25 years of releases for Steadfast Records. Thank you so much for supporting the label and the artists that we have been fortunate enough to get to work with!

  1. Ryan Shelkett: Corroded
  2. Riot For Romance: Would Be Remiss
  3. Golden Streets of Paradise: Lost To The Flood (Johnny La Rock Remix)* Previously Unreleased
  4. Unwed Sailor: Retrograde
  5. Subsist: PHIL 499
  6. Harvey Pekar: Drag Hesitations
  7. Restless Habs: Golden Girl
  8. Golden Streets of Paradise: In Waves
  9. Spoken In Tongues: Fractures
  10. Furnace St.: Walk (Part 2)
  11. High Praise: Panik
  12. Gold Circle: Spurting Blood
  13. Swarm of Bats: Ink & Blood
  14. Brandtson: Probably Nothing (Demo Recording)
  15. Zao: Repressed
  16. Focused: Walk Beside Me
  17. Zao: All Else Failed
  18. Gold Circle: Jamie's Curse * Previously Unreleased

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