Liars Academy

Liars Academy

Liars Academy - Steadfast Records

Liars Academy formed in Baltimore, MD in 2000 by members of Cross My Heart, Strike Anywhere, and Daybreak. They released three albums on Equal Vision Records. 2001's No News Is Good News, 2002 EP Trading My Life, and 2004's Demons.

After two decades on pause, Liars Academy return in 2023 with Ghosts their most massive album to date. Unofficially a followup to 2004’s Demons, Ghosts is an evolutionary step forward for the band and testimony to the timelessness of music. The swirling energy of 70’s guitar rock and the anthemic swagger of 90’s radio rock inform the 11 song trip packed with huge riffs, razor sharp hooks and scream along chest beaters. A spectacular comeback album by a band at their peak.


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