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Restless Habs was originally formed by Ken Blaze (The Unknown, K-ration), Peter Woodward (The Unknown, Sidecar, Dreyfus), and Noah Smit (Mustion, ON), after years of talking about playing together. A trip to a Big Drill Car reunion show was the final spark the three needed to get the project off the ground (hence the name).

The goal was to write some songs and figure out the rest of it later. The songs came quickly and several of them were recorded before taking a break to attend to other obligations. Noah moved away, and the hiatus was extended until a replacement could be found.

Enter Eric Vogt. A long-time member of various Chicago and Cleveland bands, such as Viva Caramel and Gem, Eric brought a new energy to a project that seemed destined to vanish before seeing the light of day.

Five songs recorded with Noah were released on the Boss Tuneage Records Instant Singles Collection Vo. 3 in 2010. Restless Habs released three EPs, Cross Your Heart and Swear to Lie, Until the Demons Give Out, and Stripsearching Your Diary between 2011 and 2013 on the W62 record label.

In 2014 the band focused on writing new material. During this time Eric decided to move to the east coast and left the band.

Tim Babcock, former drummer for Outdrive, joined Restless Habs in October 2014. April 2015 brought the release of the band's fifth EP No Way to Hide Your Tracks. This was followed by the 7" EP Hit the Hard Reset in 2017.

In January 2018, Tim left the group to focus on non-musical commitments, and Anthony Panico was recruited to fill the vacant drum throne. As of April 2018, work is underway for a full length album with an expected release date in early 2019.


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