Swarm of Bats

Swarm of Bats

Swarm of Bats - Steadfast Records

Surveillance-state garage rock. Biting guitars soaked in grease and reverb, snarling vocals, and an aggressively brash, Bleach influenced rhythm section.

Cleveland natives and former Brandtson cohorts find an urgent ferocity with their debut release There Is No Tomorrow. Quickly moving through ten tracks of dimly lit, rafter swinging hooks. The record was recorded in 2010, and is laced with tales of UFO's, mind control, bats, and partying your way through apocalyptic wartime.

Remastered by Adam Boose for release in 2017.
 The band quickly followed up with their second and final release He Went For The Knives. A disturbed concept album, documenting a mental slip between two very distinct realities and the fight to land inside the right one.


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