Riot For Romance

Riot For Romance

Riot For Romance - Steadfast Records

At a time when the world has been isolated, music has once again become the muse for connecting with others. Where distance was previously a challenge and social media often a numbing force, they are now the very things spurring creativity. It’s from these depths that three friends have been inspired to create, record, and produce songs from three different states – Georgia, Colorado, and Florida.

Collectively, Jason Hansen, Brett Miotti, and Kelly Nunn bring over 20 years of experience to the band having toured, logged studio time with various musical heroes, produced international releases, been featured in national music festivals, and a history of charting on radio and streaming. Each member has a broad stroke of contributions that have evolved into Jason lending lead vocals, guitars and keys, Brett providing bass and ambient sounds galore, and Kelly playing drums and guitars while tweaking knobs and faders. As equal parts in songwriting, they have their sights set on leaving an imprint on music.

Riot For Romance brings an emotion demanded by the urgency of today while echoing a nostalgic presence from an era when ambient guitars, driving rhythm, and heart-felt vocals culturally resonated. Some would say they blend post-punk, shoegaze, and post/alt-rock vibes, but the band would call it a “glorious racket of rock n roll.” And a glorious racket it is. From lyrics that speak to the fervor of the day to music that exudes the ethos of our time, Riot For Romance taps into a familiar voice through a fresh lens and delivers ties that bind.


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