Furnace St.

Furnace St.

Furnace St. - Steadfast Records

Electorock pre-revival revivalists Furnace St. were a staple addition to the gritty late-night West Cleveland indie scene of the late 90's and early 2000's.

The hard-working duo or trio never stopped writing, releasing, and touring throughout the US and Europe for a full decade starting in 1994. Chief songwriter, and vocalist Adam Boose crafts handmade intricate songs that avoid pretense in favor of melody. Lisa Jorgensen provides the often hefty low end compliment to their sound with both live and synth bass. The duo was later joined by and multi-instrumentalist Brian Taylor.

Their Steadfast Records debut Ladykiller released in 2000, is a heartfelt ass-shaking journey of dark and brooding pop songs filled with subtle hooks that harken equal parts late 80's Euro-goth and mid 90's indie rock.


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