Brandtson - Steadfast Records

Brandtson began as a side project for founding guitarist and vocalist, Myk Porter during his tenure fronting the early-mid 90's era Cleveland hardcore band Six Feet Deep. The project quickly blossomed into full fledged unit as Myk enlisted lifelong friend Jared Jolley on drums and later vocal duties. New friend and bassist John Sayre, and fellow Six Feet Deep guitarist Matt Traxler filled out the remaining seats. This began a decade plus cycle of constant writing, recording, and extensive touring for Brandtson. 

In 2005 Brandtson was joined by longtime friend and collaborator Adam Boose who took over bass guitar as John Sayre stepped out.

The Cleveland, Ohio band began their career on Steadfast Records with their debut album, Letterbox in 1996. Brandtson went on to work with Deep Elm Records, to repackage and reissue their debut album Letterbox, along with two more full length albums, and two EP's. Brandtson later signed with The Militia Group to release their last two albums, 2004's Send Us a Signal and 2006's Hello, Control.

Since playing their last show in 2006, Brandtson members have continued to create and release music through various endeavors, Swarm of Bats (Porter, Sayre, Traxler, Boose), High Praise (Traxler), Golden Streets of Paradise (Porter, Boose), and Bias Selector (Boose).


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