Riot For Romance


SFR037 - Steadfast Records

Riot For Romance


February 11, 2022

Riot for Romance collectively cut their teeth in bands like Underoath, Sleeping By The Riverside, The Sincerity Guild, Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster, and Never Enough. Their massive debut EP blends post-punk, shoegaze, and post/alt-rock vibes to produce their brand of rock and roll. Co-released with Friend Club Records.

  1. Destination Somewhere
  2. Would Be Remiss
  3. The World and Its Weight
  4. Less For Regret
  5. The Darkest Space In Me
  6. The Dungeon

      Format & Pressing Details
      Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
      12" Lathe Cut Vinyl Clear Hand screened jackets First 50 2022
      Cassette Blue w/Black Smoke First 50


      10" Lathe Cut Vinyl Gold w/Black Smoke Hand screened fold over cover Second 50


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