Swarm of Bats


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Swarm of Bats

There Is No Tomorrow

Cleveland natives and former Brandtson cohorts find an urgent ferocity with their debut release There Is No Tomorrow. Quickly moving through ten tracks of dimly lit, rafter swinging hooks. The record was recorded in 2010, and is laced with tales of UFO's, mind control, bats, and partying your way through apocalyptic wartime.

  1. Zombies
  2. Pretty Gone
  3. (R U) Street Legal
  4. Just Say It
  5. Doorway
  6. Down Your Spine
  7. Ink & Blood
  8. Neurotic City
  9. Disaster Transport
  10. They Came From Above (Swarm of Bats Theme)


    Format & Pressing Details
    Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
    Digital - - - 2011

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