Furnace St.


SFR007 - Steadfast Records

Furnace St.


Cleveland electorock pre-revival revivalists Furnace St. Steadfast Records debut, released in 2000, is a heartfelt ass shaking journey of dark and brooding pop songs filled with subtle hooks that harken equal parts late 80's Euro-goth and mid 90's indie rock. Founding member Adam Boose went on to later play with Brandtson, Golden Streets of Paradise, and is the house mastering engineer for Steadfast Records.

  1. Draino
  2. I'd Rather Not
  3. Again
  4. Muffler Burn
  5. Square
  6. Hey Senator
  7. Crush On
  8. Oceanview
  9. Master of Love
  10. Walk Part 1
  11. Walk Part 2


    Format & Pressing Details
    Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
    CD CD First 1000 2000

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