Wlots: Paperking: Clear w/Black Haze Vinyl LP (Import)

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Clear w/Black Haze

Killer debut LP from Sweedish screamo band Wlots

Burned Paper (Clear w/Black haze) - LTD. to 200

- LP on heavy 180 gram vinyl
- heavy deluxe sleeve
- heavy gatefold insert with lyrics 

Side A
A1 Beach
A2 Skramz Part II
A3 Micelord
A4 Rooftop Nerves
A5 Wheel
A6 Paperking

Side B 
B1 58.015, 14.531
B2 Pour 3x
B3 Dagger Romance
B4 -29.180, -109.329
B5 Paralyzed
B6 Coma Kid
B7 Collapse