Red Animal War: Black Phantom Crusades: Clear Green Vinyl LP (Import)

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Limited Edition of 200 on Clear Green Vinyl

Rich with innovation, intensity and complex songwriting, Black Phantom Crusades represents a flawless mixture of art and math. Unpredictable and aggressive yet never out of control, Rad Aniamal War pulls, screams and claws at the heart of guitar-driven rock as if they had just one last chance to save it. Multi-layered patchworks of instrumentation, intricate start-stop dynamics and sharply written melodies characterize the somehow seamless flow of each song on this amazing sophomore release.


- LP on heavy 180 gram vinyl
- new artwork by Simon Tripcony
- photos by Justin Wilson
- heavy deluxe sleeve
- inlay with lyrics


Side A
A1 Still
A2 When Fat Pigs Fly
A3 Straight Lines For Construction Workers
A4 Making Zealots
A5 When I Get The Feelin´
A6 The Day After Yesterday


Side B
B1 Mouse
B2 And So It Begins With Bombs
B3 Gattaca
B4 Photel California
B5 Jambalaya
B6 Right Now, Today, I don´t Believe in Hell