Pohgoh: Secret Club: Black Vinyl

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Black Vinyl

Record August 2017 at Magpie Cage Record Studio; Baltimore, MD
Engineered by J. Robbins
Produced by J. Robbins & Pohgoh

"a dynamically playful and DIY-feeling fusion of emo, alternative rock, and power pop."
- The Fader

"a fantastic piece of work that builds upon the bittersweet sonic bedrock the band initially laid out, while lyrically exploring the ups and downs of living with one bitch of a disease."
- Kerrang (UK)

"They were everything I wanted in a band when I was playing music back in the day."
- Washed Up Emo

"you should check this out if you’re fan of Pohgoh’s old pals like Braid and Rainer Maria, or newer bands that keep this sound alive like Into It Over It and Waxahatchee."
- BrooklynVegan

"Alongside J Robbins’ typical rough-and-ready production style, Pohgoh feel so deeply ingrained in the classic emo aesthetic while simultaneously having grown, matured and experienced, and they’re able to capture those feelings in a great return."
- The Sound Board

"It's quite a musical feat for a band to contrast gloom and disheartenment so well with hope and solidarity. Pohgoh is able to do this in such a laid-back and easy manner as if the long hiatus had never existed."
- Visions (Germany)