Jawbreaker: Etc.: 2LP Black Vinyl

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2LP Black Vinyl

The long-anticipated collection of rare A-sides, B-sides, covers and unreleased outtakes from influential punk rock favorites and emo granddaddies JAWBREAKER. A twenty-track Alpha-Omega of rare and previously-impossible-to-find songs presented chronologically from their first demo in November of '88 (before they were even named Jawbreaker ) to their final studio recording, a version of "Boxcar" re-worked at the end of the DGC Dear You sessions. Beautifully packaged with inviting artwork and track-by-track commentary and lyrics (printed courtesy of AARON COMETBUS). 24-Hour Satisfaction Therapy, indeed.

1. Shield Your Eyes
2. Equalized
3. Caroline
4. Better Half
5. Split
6. Gutless
7. With or Without U2
8. Fantastic Planet
9. Rich
10. Peel It the Fuck Down
11. Pretty Persuasion
12. Kiss the Bottle
13. First Step
14. Friends Back East
15. Sea Foam Green
16. Housesitter
17. Into You Like A Train
18. Sister
19. Friendly Fire
20. Boxcar