Hundred Hands: Little Eyes: White w/Black Marble Vinyl LP

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Limited Edition 1st Pressing on White w/Black Marble Vinyl 

Led by Aaron Pillar and Christopher Crisci (founding members of The Appleseed Cast), Hundred Hands pilots the listener through a complex journey of exquisite musical landscapes, glimmering melodies and warm, pulsing, beautiful instrumentation. But this time it's Aaron who takes center stage on vocals. Little Eyes pulls at the right parts at all the right times - the texture, the feel, the sound of everything - creating a surrounding that is abundant in introspection and sonic inspiration. Little Eyes is flawlessly executed. With producer Ed Rose on drums / percussion, this trio of post-hardcore heroes can do no wrong. (Deep Elm)

White/Black marble - LTD. to 200

- LP on heavy colored 180 gram vinyl
- Heavy deluxe sleeve in resemble poly bag
- Insert with lyrics
- first time on vinyl

01. A Replay
02. Spider Eyes
03. Farewell
04. Broken Boy
05. Washed Away
06. Sunday