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Hello, Control.

August 26, 2022

Limited edition reissue of the final Brandtson album, Hello, Control. Featuring previously unreleased alternate mixes from album producer Ed Rose. On vinyl and cassette for the very first time since the release of the 2006 album.

A pivotal release and the closing chapter on over a decade of making music for the Cleveland quartet. The first album with longtime friend and collaborator Adam Boose joining on bass, and the fifth release with producer Ed Rose. From the dusty lull of album opener “A Thousand Years” a new Brandtson begins to emerge. Putting a ready for the floor sneer to the road worn hallmarks of their back catalog, and taking a decided step into pop territory on singles, “Nobody Dances Anymore” and “Earthquakes and Sharks”. The alternate Ed Rose mixes were curated from the bands archives and have been previously unreleased in any format. Originally released by The Militia Group in 2006. The 2022 reissue of Hello, Control was mixed by Ed Rose, mastered by Adam Boose, and lacquer masters cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service and presented with all new artwork.

  1. A Thousand Years
  2. Nobody Dances Anymore
  3. Earthquakes & Sharks
  4. Denim Iniquity
  5. Here We Go
  6. Tapping The Vain
  7. Cold War
  8. Parallels
  9. Stop Machine
  10. Friend or Faux
  11. Lie to Me
  12. Goodnight Sweet Prince
  13. The Secret


      Format & Pressing Details
      Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
      12" Vinyl Opaque Yellow  First 250 2022
      12" Vinyl White w/Black Splatter


      100 2022
      12" Vinyl Opaque Red First 100 2022
      12" Vinyl Blue Burst Hand Pour First 50 2022
      12" Vinyl Test Press First 10 2022
      Cassette Yellow First 100 2022

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