Golden Streets of Paradise


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Golden Streets of Paradise

Collide (Bury My Heart)

March 12, 2021

The Throes companion is centered around the next single and album standout ‘Collide (Bury My Heart)’ and features two previously unreleased mixes of album tracks. ‘When This Light Burns Out’ (Hotel Room Mix) reincarnates this somber elegy as a swirling post-punk dirge. Closing out the EP is a dreampop tinted rendition of ’West Side Dives’. Remixed by Los Angeles’ Let 'Em Riot, who redirect the songs anthemic hooks into a gauzy, soft-focused new place altogether. We are grateful to have a second striking and beautiful work from Throes cover artist Kimi Pryor adorning the digital album cover.

  1. Collide (Bury My Heart)
  2. When This Light Burns Out’ (Hotel Room Mix)
  3. West Side Dives (Let 'em Riot remix)


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