Golden Streets of Paradise


SFR028 - Steadfast Records

Golden Streets of Paradise


January 15, 2021

Throes takes the goth-tinged aesthetic that Golden Streets of Paradise have established with prior releases and wraps it with an anxious new urgency. Subtle hooks touch a grey washed sadness while hints of influence from The Police, Skinny Puppy and Sade help inform the bands most unrestrained work yet. Recorded and self-produced throughout the last year and a half. Avoiding excessive digital processing in favor of organic sounds, live synths, and un-eq’d drums to craft an incredible new collection of songs. Throes presents the listener with a snapshot of a universally relatable sorrow, one honed in isolation, loss and fear.

  1. Heavy Hands
  2. Clutches
  3. West Side Dives
  4. Collide (Bury My Heart)
  5. Lost to the Flood
  6. In Waves
  7. Foaming at the Mouth
  8. Throes
  9. One on One
  10. When This Light Burns Out


    Format & Pressing Details
    Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
    12" Vinyl Black First 59 2021
    12" Vinyl Purple w/Pink Swirl First 106 2021
    12" Vinyl Blue w/Black Swirl First 163 2021
    Cassette Blue First 50 2021
    CD Eco-Wallet First 100 2021

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