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Gold Circle

Gold Circle I

October 31, 2017

Blackwave horror-noise collective Gold Circle build hideous other worldly soundscapes. Influenced heavily by life under late-stage capitalism, the afterlife, and traumatic despair the rotating coven paint a canvas overflowing with unease and anxiety.Bleak and ugly bursts of noise are punctuated by moments of clarity, barely balanced by an occasional melody sweeping in to momentarily reorient you.

Gold Circle I,their debut release, and first of a planned trilogy was recorded live over several sessions during the winter of 2016-2017 using an odd assortment of instruments, feedback, and drum machines. The resulting output is a collection of six icy, nightmarish tracks.

The track Michela was released as a digital single, and a video was released for the song Spurting Blood.


  1. Blonde Leather
  2. Spurting Blood
  3. Michela
  4. Negative Nancy
  5. Suicide Video
  6. Half Sheet




    Format & Pressing Details
    Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
    Cassette Black First 25 2018

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