SFR004 - Steadfast Records



Brandtson, the Cleveland, Ohio emo band that began as a side project for Six Feet Deep frontman Myk Porter, began their career on Steadfast Records. Initially planned to be a solo EP, Myk assembled a full band and completed recording the remaining songs and their debut album, Letterbox in 1996. After submitting a song for consideration on Deep Elm Record's series 'The Emo Diaries' Brandtson signed with Deep Elm Records, who re-released Letterbox shortly after with new artwork and track order.

  1. January
  2. Blindspot
  3. Days End
  4. Strand
  5. Still Life
  6. Nineveh
  7. Words For You
  8. Cloudless
  9. Round 13
  10. Glutton For Tragedy


        Format & Pressing Details
        Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
        CD CD First 1000 1997

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