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2Minute Minor

Blood On Our Front Stoop

May 11, 2023

Chicago positive hardcore band 2Minute Minor announce a 5th anniversary reissue of their 2018 album Blood On Our Front Stoop. Remixed and remastered by Zach Bridier, and packaged with updated 3D artwork and glasses. Available May 11th from Steadfast Records on limited edition 3D cassette and CD.

“This album is about Human Rights. It's about unification in the scene. It's about sparking a positive mindset and embracing our differences as humans sharing this earth.“ -2Minute Minor

2Minute Minor is an old-school style American hardcore punk band formed in Chicago, IL in 2016. Heavily influenced by 80's hardcore and the working class Oi! sound. The band are vocal advocates for human rights and bring a message of positivity and unity to their songs.

  1. Victory Is Ours
  2. Can't Be Defeated
  3. It's A Disease
  4. Soda Tax
  5. What's The Use?
  6. Blood On Our Front Stoop
  7. Words To The Wise
  8. Tried & True
  9. One Step At A Time
  10. Probert
  11. Tent City
  12. Unite The Crew

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        Format & Pressing Details
        Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
        Cassette Blue Red Box First 25 2023
        Cassette Red
        Blue Box


        25 2023
        Cassette Gold Foil
        Clear Box Second 35 2023

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