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Liars Academy


February 24, 2023

After two decades on pause, Liars Academy return with Ghosts their most massive album to date. Unofficially a follow up to 2004’s Demons, Ghosts is an evolutionary step forward for the band and testimony to the timelessness of rock music. The swirling energy of 70’s guitar rock and the anthemic swagger of 90’s radio rock inform the 11 song trip packed with huge riffs, razor sharp hooks and scream along chest beaters. A spectacular come-back album by a band at their peak.

Steadfast Records is proud to present the brand new album from Liars Academy. Ghosts is a relentless cache of rock hits from the post-Demon’s powerhouse quartet of Ryan Shelkett, Chris Camden, Fred Fritz and the late Eric Fauver. Produced by J. Robbins and Liars Academy, mastered by Adam Boose and vinyl masters cut by Bob Weston.

  1. I'm Not Really Here
  2. Only One
  3. Run For Cover
  4. Alcohol
  5. I'm Being Followed
  6. Wildfire
  7. Better You Than Me
  8. Without a Warning
  9. Getting Out
  10. Changes
  11. Born on the 4th of July

      Two digital singles were released from this album, I'm Being Followed and I'm Not Really Here



        Format & Pressing Details
        Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
        12" Vinyl Transparent Blue First 150 2023
        12" Vinyl Opaque Red Indie Exclusive


        100 2023
        12" Vinyl Bloodshot Hand Pour Steadfast Exclusive First 50 2023
        Cassette Red First 50 2023

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