Cross My Heart


SFR030 - Steadfast Records

Cross My Heart


October, 1 2021

Baltimore's Cross My Heart come out swinging on their self titled debut EP. Released by DimMak & Deep Elm Records in 1998, these seven tracks remain timeless while sharing a perfectly captured snapshot of the melodic discordant momentum of the late 90's east coast indie/emo sound

  1. Dornier
  2. It Doesn't Take That Many Pills to Sleep Forever
  3. Today I Discovered the World
  4. Determination
  5. Track Five
  6. Secret to Tell
  7. The Hypnotist


        Format & Pressing Details
        Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
        12" Vinyl Purple/White Hand Pour First 60 2021
        12" Vinyl Natural Semi-Clear


        100 2021
        12" Vinyl Transparent Pink First 140 2021
        12" Vinyl Opaque Hot Pink First 200 2021
        Cassette Blue First 50 2021

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