Unwed Sailor


SFR025 - Steadfast Records

Unwed Sailor

look Alive

June 12, 2020

The instrumental post rock ambience of Unwed Sailor has been guided by the vision of Johnathon Ford (Pedro the Lion/RoadsideMonument)
Since starting the band in Seattle in 1998, Ford has combined elements of post rock, new age, new wave, ambient, shoegaze & film music to create the unique sound and vision of Unwed Sailor.

Look Alive comes from a place of strength and inspiration. Its seven songs are about emerging from hardship, not unscathed, but rather, with newfound conviction in who you are.

  • Glaring
  • Look Alive
  • Camino Reel
  • Gone Jungle (GJ Mix)s
  • Retrograde
  • Spring Theory
  • Haze
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        Cassette Purple First 50 2020

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