SFR018 - Steadfast Records

High Praise

Forever Ever After

January 25, 2019

High Praise is an instrumental collaboration between Matt Traxler (Brandtson) and artist/illustrator Kevin Fagan (S.S.&C.).

On their debut release the six song EP Forever Ever After the Cleveland duo use dirty beats and reverb drenched guitars to create gorgeous movements of acid casual daydream pop inspired post-rock.

The song Avalanched was released as the first single, and video was released for the track Panik.


  1. Avalanched
  2. Dead Flies
  3. Fake Ambulance
  4. New Spell
  5. Panik
  6. I Remember Everything
  7. Bad Math
  8. Apartments of the Holy





    Format & Pressing Details
    Format Variant Notes Edition Edition of Year
    Cassette Rose First 50


    CD Digipak First 100 2019

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