Nada Surf: Let Go: 2LP Black Vinyl

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2LP Black Vinyl

"Like their peers Weezer, Nada Surf have matured without all the negative aspects that might imply: flitting between driving power-pop, blue-skies post-grunge and acoustic rock balladry, Let Go is an enchanting and subtle album that consigns the band's curmudgeonly, satirical edge to the dumpster. It's often beautifully simple: the curious 'Blonde on Blonde' finds frontman Matthew Caws singing of listening to Bob Dylan on his headphones as he strolls in the rain, while 'Happy Kid' is a wide-eyed rollercoaster ride that boasts not a single cynical bone in its rosy, plump frame. Add this to the fact that there's some wry-but-muscular rock songs here that could take Rivers Cuomo on at his own game (see the fluorescent punk-pop rush of 'The Way You Wear Your Head') and it suddenly becomes clear that Nada Surf are far more than 'Popular' — they're a smart, alluring, attractive 21st century rock band that are so over high school it hurts." (